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Specialized Ministries Devoted to Creation Education

  • Creation Worldview Ministries Dr. Grady S. McMurtry, Biblical Scientific Creationist
    Gives Practical Answers for Tough Bible/Science Questions
    (Creation Worldview Ministries, 4698 Hall Road, Orlando, FL 32817-1202 (407)678-8234)

  • Apologia Educational Ministries
    Apologia provides fun and challenging K-12 creation-based science curriculum specifically designed for the home school.

  • General Creation Science Links

  • The Ark Foundation of Dayton, Inc. Where Science and Religion Take Their Proper Roles

  • Akron Fossils & Science Center Museum An outdoor adventure park featuring fossils, exhibits, and Adventure Trips exploring the wonders of creation

  • Center for Scientific Creation A Non-Profit Organization Located in Phoenix, Arizona Dedicated to Origins Research

  • The Genesis Network Networking the scientific evidences of Genesis

  • Answers in Genesis Defending the Bible from the very first verse

  • Creation Research Society Do you think the theory of evolution is a fact accepted by ALL scientists? Think again!

  • The Institute for Creation Research A Christ Focused Creation Ministry

  • Scientific Facts and Evolution A very large, constantly growing web site containing a fabulous amount of scientific data disproving evolutionary theory.

  • The Young Earth Creation Club The internet home of a family-run creation club featuring articles, links and streaming audio and video on creation/evolution and other issues.

  • Verse of the Week A Biblical commentary authored by Bob Moak since 1996. Each commentary on a selected verse
    or verses can be sent directly to your e-mail inbox weekly. You may subscribe to Verse Of the Week by sending an e-mail to

  • Creation Science Sites Written by Scientists

  • Polonium Halos "Evidence For Earth's Instant Creation?" based on research by Robert V. Gentry

  • California Institute of Omniology This web site is "Dedicated to Academic Freedom", the free and open critical review, commentary, scholastic and educational research of theoretical and empirical science.

  • Origins Resource Association A nonprofit organization of scientists, educators, and citizens concerned about what they see as the brainwashing of our society into an unquestioning belief in evolution.

    Multi-Language Creation Science

  • Creation Information Made Available in Multi-Languages A Creation Website Authored by Paul Abramson

  • Christian Answers Network A Multi-Language Donor-Based Ministry Brought to you by Eden Communications (Films for Christ)

  • Links for Children

  • Jesus, Dinosaurs, and More is a webpage of Scientific evidence supporting the Biblical account of Creation.

  • Kid Explorer Christian Answers Learn about the Creator by exploring His marvelous creation! Great educational and fun site. Also contains free study guides for home school teachers.

  • Search for Noah's Ark

  • Noah's Ark Search A comprehensive web site dedicated to the search for Noah's Ark by B.J. Corbin, Noah's Ark researcher

  • The Search For Noah's Ark Matthew Kneisler's Search for Noah's Ark

  • General Christian Links

  • Christian Law Association Christian Law Association is a ministry of helps to Bible-believing churches and Christians facing legal difficulties for the Biblical faith (Christian Law Association, P. O. Box 4010, Seminole, FL 33775-4010)

  • Christian Ministries International - Dr. Ron Carlson "To contend earnestly for the faith which was once and for all delivered to the saints."

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