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About Us                

Creation Research Science Education Foundation was founded in 1972 to advance knowledge of the scientific evidences of creation (and against evolution) in schools and among the general public. It was incorporated as a non-profit tax-exempt organization under the State of Ohio in January of 1973 and became tax-deductible under 501(c)(3) in 1984.

Since its beginning, CRSEF's goal has been to educate the public about creation-science and to conduct scientific research that supports the truthfulness of the creation account in the Bible. Board members believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, which we believe teaches a young earth and a worldwide Flood in the days of Noah.

CRSEF has a board of directors that meets regularly and conducts the business of the organization. We also have a board of advisors and a general membership, which consists of people who are interested in participating in the activities of the organization. Members of the organization are involved in a whole host of various activities including scientific research, speaking, education, video and television production, and field excavations.

Members of CRSEF have put together fair booths, explored Mt. Ararat, testified before state hearings, written scientific papers, produced television programs, discovered dinosaurs, and have defended scientific creationism during debates and numerous speaking engagements. CRSEF has sponsored trips to Alaska, Russia, Canada, and to numerous places in the continental United States to conduct scientific research. CRSEF sponsors local presentations at churches and schools to promote the biblical and scientific truth of creation. We occasionally provide scholarships for students attending schools which hold to a literal view of Genesis.

Why CRSEF was started

The creation evolution controversy is a root cause concern to all believers. Unfortunately it is often avoided as a side issue. I want you to consider it as a foundational issue that must not be ignored if we are to evangelize effectively in the emerging world of "logical" humanistic values.

Up to the turn of the century scientists were by and large creationists. Many still are creationists but are censured from expressing it. The religious leader Immanuel Kant, 140 years ago, helped turn science over to a world view by proclaiming that science and religion were unreconcilable, and science was abandoned by the church.

The scientific community has taken such great pains to keep God out of science that they have by default endorsed another religion called humanism. A humanist is an atheistic evolutionist who believes our existence is limited to our lifetime and nothing matters beyond this existence except as we contribute to the advancement of mankind. Hitler was an extreme implementor of this doctrine.

Churches and Christians often brush off the inconsistencies between secular evolutionary science and Biblical creation science. We become theistic evolutionists. When we concede, "God must have used evolutionary methods to create," we don't realize THEY ARE HEARING: "God is impotent, and the Bible is a collection of myths."

Many people ignore this inconsistency saying, "I don't understand science, therefore, the problem is not relevant to me or my faith." This is a personal deception because it is profoundly relevant on many subliminal levels.

The concept that "religion is only a collection of psychological manifestations of man" is imprinted on our minds by theories with evolutionary roots. New Age, Eastern religions, psychiatry, psychology, education, law, governments, and new moralities are deeply immersed in this philosophy. Our unavoidable exposure to these concepts reinforces doubt and an inconsistent response in our obedience to our Creator.

Abortion is a conspicuous example of the conflict. The Bible says we are known by God before we are conceived. This tells me abortion is the murder of a God-created person. Evolution implies the fetus is passing through an evolutionary stage in the womb and not fully human until birth. In the extreme, some even argue a child is not fully human and aged persons are regressing from being fully human and may be eliminated if unnecessary to human advancement.

When a teen has an unwanted pregnancy, too often she, the father, and the family facing this unplanned traumatic inconvenience (by world standards) pick a "scientific" justification for abortion rather than a God commanded: "Thou shall not commit murder."

If it is okay to murder sometimes (abortion) then why not steal on other occasions (I'm an employee and entitled to this bonus for the last extraordinary thing I did)? If it doesn't serve me, why not ignore the principles of forgiveness in the Bible and hold offenders endlessly liable for their mistakes as justification for my troubles. Ignore the helpless, I don't have time; hate those we disagree with, be rude to our servants, and on and on... We can pick a "Biblical command" or a "world view license" that best suits the situation at hand (and most of us do this often). We hesitate when we make these decisions because "science" has given us "logical" options to our dilemmas. These options are almost always on a subliminal level. Relativistic evolution is imprinted on our minds by educators, literature, television, and radio.

CRSEF is an organization of believers who defend the Bible and our Creator from the "scientific" attack of our faith with the same God-given scientific principles that are used against us. Our ministry is to keep science in its proper perspective by reexamining the evidence around us in the light of the Bible. We make sure information is continually disseminated to reconcile the perceived contradictions between "science" and the Bible. This gives believers the ammunition they need to defend the faith and their conscience.

You may believe the evidence is in our favor most all of the time. In the name of "objective science" you won't hear what the evidence is from mainstream sources.

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